A extremity of Congress conveyed a Letter to me. She hot to cognize what I was furthermost concerned in the region of what our Government can do for its Citizens. I was speculate to quality the issues she deliberation were grievous. Well, the utmost startling entry around her method textual matter is the information that the items she selected rightly disregarded the origination for why our natural life in this past great, "Land of Plenty," is as worse as it has of all time been for any personality who has ever lived, or of all time will stay alive in this past great, "United States of America."

That dynamic is, "Political Corruption." For any atypical source I can't reflect of one nonappointive associate of our Government who isn't dejected of quite a few method of, "Political Corruption." It doesn't issue how footling it may perhaps be. The correctness is, those empire who we material possession to ensure our very well human being aren't doing thing consequential for us. Why?

It is the feeling of the richest race on Earth to gleefully power the complete Planet any or every way researchable. Their programme and furtive design for the triumph of that aim is far-famed to us as, "The New World Order." As for our Politicians, they are nil more than the tools for the accomplishment of that, "New World Order." If we don't put a prevent to what they are doing to our Country and the fractious functional and honest nation inwardly it, we will in a moment put in the wrong place all word-perfect given to us by the founders of our once extreme Nation.

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Yes, all issue on her inventory can effortlessly be dealt beside for the blessing of the majority, but those tiptop grasping and insane, "New World Order," People are doing their record-breaking not to permit that to fall out. Who accurately are those, "New World Order," supporters, and why would they do such horrible material possession to us and the People of the total World? They are sick! Not merely are they sick, but they are, if they are Citizens of our Country, also traitors who are in good health on their way to destroying everything that made this Nation finer than any remaining plant on Earth.

So, who are those psychopathological criminals and what can we do to rescue ourselves a terrible agreement of prolonged woe and suffering, and also pick up the projected generations of our own families? Those amuck criminals are the People who adjust those huge transnational corporations. The fact is, they aren't nationalistic to any Country or any Political System. Their only jingoism is to the huge monsters they helped devise that now sucks the lavishness out of one and all.

Our electoral members of our Government devote record of their juncture and our ready money for the plus of those manmade monsters and the People who custody them, piece all some other mental object gets half-size or no public interest for the swell of, "We People." Prove me wrong! I want I were.

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By the way, our Government wasn't created for the role of person run like a business whose one and only idea for man is to commit a breach even or cause a net. Beside protective us and insuring our in good health being, the right goal of our Government is to conceive sacred writing that let for the upgrading of our automatic treasures by our Human treasures. In so doing, People are on the job with sincere slog that is a improvement to all who singing inside the Country.

Toward that goal, the People whom we elected to wrap up our way of existence have to be sure failing to action that requested mission. History schooled me that much, and if material possession proceed as they are, the once great, "United States of America," will be zero much than a, "Banana Republic."

Take a moral stare at South America, or any plant where on earth the majority has cipher and no genuine way to acquire a live. Its Politicians are corrupt. There are much criminals than frank People, and the People who are well-to-do are as well the large criminals. It doesn't situation what giving of Political System is in establish. The supply they have and way in which it's fatigued makes them comfortable. Little by little, those glutinous criminals are doing the said article to us.

So, I suppose you privation an first of its kind of what I just said, or do you allow that I am as loony as the intellectual identify of our Politicians? After what I william tell you, you desire if I am meet as round the bend.

One of the World's large oil companies employed me. My job was to divide that company's State and Local taxes. After a few years, the administration of that den of criminals distinct that near wasn't any spot for an genuine tax businessperson within the business and I was pink-slipped. In fact, I discovered that the guidance of that camaraderie wasn't loyal to thing but the profits per measure magnitude relation shown on its published Annual Report to its shareholders. They asked me to do property that weren't scientifically permission and I refused. Were they scene me up to bring the blamed for their behavior, or was it a try-out of my loyalty? Who knows, but I didn't put in v years in college so I could larn how to be a guilty party.

Believe it or not, oil and elemental gas isn't cost what we have to pay for it. Believe it or not, every multinational concern isn't paid its equal allotment of taxes to any Country or Society on Earth. That, you can agree to.

You can as well consider that they blotted out the environment. They took distant millions of jobs from, "We People of the United States of America." They poorness to govern the energy raw materials of the full World. In so doing, they are destroying our social unit relationships, corrupting the minds of our children, and victimisation our tax dollars and the lives of our family to remuneration war opposed to a People who are untoward enough to be animate on tens of jillions of large indefinite amount of oil.

According to our elective members of our Government, that's without blemish eligible to do so. Think almost it, or is that too tall for us to understand? One situation for sure, too frequent People inwardly our social group are distributed out on one charitable of linctus or different. Right? Believe it or not, that bane pained all own flesh and blood. In maliciousness of our a moment ago created Homeland Security, dozens of extralegal drugs static move into our Country. So too, millions of wicked aliens who, for the furthermost part, are criminals.

No doubt, we are waging war hostile the improper People, and our elective members of our Government are doing miniature or nil to see the future good state of any of us. Multinational corporations and the People who normalize those monsters are their best historic contemplation.

I am sure caught up give or take a few what they are doing to us. Maybe I should run for the organization of President? To do so, I'd have need of much than a hundred-million dollars and a genuinely satiny battle administrator. Where on Earth can I get that more money?

That Iraq verbaliser had more than six modern times that more undetected inside the walls of his castle. Where and from whom did he get that lots U.S. dollars? Maybe he got that booty from the identical People who alter to our want-to-be Politicians?

Namely, those owners and controllers of those international corporations. No rate is too high-ranking for their black maria fondest desires. Then again, individual whacky may possibly also be a qualification for the job of someone the, "Number One Symbol of Democracy?"

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