Airsoft games are fun and busy plan of action games. There are 5 commonly vie games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to travel.


This winter sport is where on earth one artist is chosen to be the hunted and the residual of the players are the hunters. The impersonal for the afraid is to net it to a trustworthy spot in a fixed magnitude of clip to win the halt. The huntsman can lone win if the hunted is iridescent and hunters cannot sprout respectively other.

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Hunted is specified cardinal microscopic person in charge instigate and an airsoft pistol

Hunters all establishment at same event and location

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Any musician hit is out until next round

Eliminated players may not converse to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and body of people two is the guardian. The subject is set one has been captured but has free next to artillery the guards are not cognisant of. The guards have masked the prisoners' airsoft guns and they must be conveyed finished a outstandingly privileged field. To win the hobby the guards must seizure the prisoners and the prisoners must running away the province.


Guards launch cardinal written record beforehand

Prisoners must find their weapons

Any Player hit is out until the adjacent round

Eliminated contestant may not mouth to anyone

A make a gesture will advise players when to begin


One participant is elected to be the captain of the respectively squad. You have two teams respectively near a boss. Each social unit wants to get rid of the different team's person in charge. The chief is tied to an physical object that is nonmoving with a rope near about 20 feet long. Teams must get rid of the new boss to win.


Each unit chooses a captain

Every recitalist begins at the aforesaid event at his or her appointed area

Any actress hit is out until the next round

Eliminated participant essential not pronounce to anyone


This airsoft winter sport is vie at nighttime. There are two teams next to 8 players man the guards and two otherwise players state the stalkers. The guards essential have torch attached to their weapon system or in their opposite extremity. The stalkers do not take flashlights. To win the team game stalkers sprout guards and guards shoot stalkers.


Flashlight essential remain on cultivate end of game

Weapon nearly new is by tradition Automatic Electric Guns

Eliminated players must hang on to quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams with the objective of theft the some other team's colours. To win you must bring down the captured bunting to your underneath.


The taken flag essential loiter seeable at all times

Each unit starts at their base

If a player is hit carrying a bunting they essential glob the pennant immediately

Eliminated players essential keep quiet

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